I’m Back!

Hey guys!

Sorry for disappearing! I needed to take a little break from here to really think about where I want to go with this and I’m starting to figure out what I’m wanting to do! For now though, it’ll just be the ramblings of my mind and photos of our dinners! One thing I’m going to start doing is posting recipes for the meals I’m making. Whether it be sharing from the blog I’ve found it on, or my own. Tonight’s menu is brought to you by my brain! I need to go back and figure out the proportions of everything I used, so stay tuned for the recipe! I think you’ll like it!

Ryan and I are big comfort food eaters. Not necessarily fried chicken and greens kind of comfort food, but good food that remind us of our childhood and being at home. (ie-Burgers, spaghetti, fried rice, stir-fry, steak, chicken parm, etc etc etc) Tonight I was craving a big, fat, greasy burger with all the fixing and a side of fries with thousand island for dipping. YUM. I cheated yesterday and brought in more calories through junk and not the nutritious things I’ve been focusing on eating lately. I can definitely say that I am SO much happier and more energetic when I’m eating healthy, versus junk. It’s pretty noticeable already. Anyways, back to my burger. I wanted it, but wanted to figure out how I could taper it to our goals. Man, oh MAN did I hit it on the money! I can’t wait to crank out the recipe for you all! Highlight? There are leftovers!

So the basic breakdown of this Hamburger Bowl: lean sirloin sauteed with baby spinach and a dollop of garlic paste (the stuff you can get to dip your pita in at Mediterranean restaurants! Yum!), roasted sweet potatoes with sweet onion, heirloom cherry tomatoes, romaine, homemade dill pickles, avocado, and a spicy greek yogurt thousand island that I whipped up! I mean, can you say YUM?? You can really use whatever portion size you would like for everything, depending on your tastes. I’ll make an official recipe card though for you to use…and will attempt, again, to get Pinterest working on here! I hope you’ll venture out to try it…I think my favorite bite was the sweet potato/onion mixture with a bite of the pickle. Hit all the right senses in all the right places!

I hope you’re enjoying following along with me, as much as I’m enjoying writing these. With a little time I can assure you that I’ll be much more interesting when writing these and you’ll hopefully WANT to come check it out with new postings! For now, I’m out of here to accompany Ryan to Home Depot! Yay projects!

Have a great night, guys!


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