Continuing to Play

Hey folks!

So we had a little slip-up yesterday and grabbed some fast food while we were out. No harm, no foul, though, it happens. We’re back at it again tonight though! I took a little inspiration from Whitney Bond (of (  and am trying my hand at making garlicky bruschetta chicken with noodles. Ours included some fresh mozzarella crumbles, marinated with garlic and herbs (YUM) and sauteed spinach! I wouldn’t necessary classify this as another Buddha Bowl, but it’s along the same idea! I don’t think Ryan is in for how much garlic there’s going to be, ie-we will be sweating it out of our pores. It’s smelling amazing, so hopefully it will taste that way, too!

I’m still trying to figure out what direction I’m going to be taking this blog in. Do I want to just post food pictures, links, and recipes? Do I want to share my inner most thoughts and secrets? What I DO know is that this is going to be used as an outlet for me. I need a place to go where I can write down and sort out my thoughts in a useful and productive way. What better way to be mindful, then by writing things down a re-reading them to sort out the things I actually do and do not want to say. It’s almost cathartic. I’m thinking I may do some research tomorrow on nutrition and the healthy brain. Something to give me reason to push through any difficulties I may encounter with making some major changes to my diet. With reason, I can convince myself to keep going, you know?

I’ll probably put up another post tonight on what’s going on with me, to a degree. I want to be as transparent as I can on here, within reason, so that I can fully utilize this skill as means of coping.

Hope you all are having a fantastic evening! If you’re around where I live, don’t blow away!!




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