How I got Started

I’ve always been a lover of food. All things food. I began cooking with my parents and grandparents at a young age and haven’t really gotten over my fascination and obsession with food. I love everything about it, to be honest. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a food I don’t like or haven’t at least tried.

As I’ve gotten older my love turned into a passion. I love creating meals for my family and friends and sharing a table with my dishes. I love their reactions, their feedback, and hopefully their approval! It gives me great joy to be able to feed others with something that I’ve created. My biggest problem? I’m a butter, cream, salt kinda girl. In the 4 years Ryan and I have been together, we have both benefited (and expanded) from my rich cooking. I love shortcuts when it comes to meals and I like to make delicious, but easy to make recipes. With both of us having health issues affecting our lives, we made the decision that it was time for a change, and we turned to my good friend Courtney, owner of Savor Life Nutrition and Registered Dietitian, for help.

Courtney was a miracle worker, in our opinion. Her presentation on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, creating obtainable goals, and how we can support one another through this journey was eye-opening. She helped us figure out where we were falling short, how to create quick but nutritious meals, and how to make these new practices last and become habits. She promised to help us in our journey and will be there to support us along the way. I can’t wait to continue on with this journey with her help and support, to see where I end up even 1 month from now! If you are looking for someone qualified to help you make healthier choices in your life, nutrition or otherwise, I encourage you to look to Courtney. Her experience, along with her passion is apparent and it becomes a part of her work and makes her who she is. Please, check her out for all of your health and nutrition counseling needs!


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