Recipe #1, the Buddha Bowl

Alright, so after extensive planning (hours) and creating a grocery list of a newly designed pantry, I finally went to the grocery store. Gotta say, I was pretty nauseous watching the price creep up, but had to remind myself that I was buying a lot of staple, healthy pantry items. Those things are going to last me a long time! Once I got home and organized everything, I realized how easy I made things for myself to make nutritious, but still affordable, meals. My goal now is to have the items purchased last me the rest of January and all of February, aside from my fresh foods.

We were going to have one of my newly decided upon “family dinners” tonight, but alas, plans change! I still wanted to go with the recommended recipe from my very good friend and try it out for Ryan and I. I was skeptical because we’ve tried quinoa in the past and it was NOT a great experience. Tasteless, mushy, flavorless, yuck.

This time was different. I did a little research and read on a few sites that if you first toast the quinoa before boiling it, it will give a nuttier flavor. BOY did this make all the difference. The flavor was there, I (probably) cooked it correctly this time, used chicken stock and BAM, delicious quinoa.

Now the idea behind the Buddha bowl is to create a vegetarian (not for us everytime, we’re meat eaters!) bowl with sustainable, nutritious items to make a quick and easy meal. It was fantastic. I couldn’t recommend this recipe more!

Krista, from Joyful Health Eats with a Side of Sweet, truly created a recipe with comfort food in mind. I don’t know about you, but Ryan and I love our buffalo wings. Buffalo Wild Wings was a place we frequented while living in Ann Arbor, because it was so close and it was a late night option for us night owls. I couldn’t praise this recipe more, though. It has spice, flavor, crunch, everything! Man, oh man, was it good. I’m kind of sad it’s all gone already! In making the recipe, I followed it, only paired it down to make two servings, instead of four. We also skipped the ranch drizzle and just added a little extra hot sauce to the top.

I hope you find the time to try this and more importantly, I hope you love it as much as we do! As always, have a happy day!


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